Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sukamto Sia’s Tip On Picking the Right Pet for Your Family

Sukamto Sia’s family has three Siamese cats and has fostered a number of other pets in conjunction with the New York City ASPCA. Cats are a great, independent animal for a busy family like Sukamto Sia’s. Sukamto Sia can help you pick the right pet for your family.

    Is someone home all day in your family? Are you looking for an animal that will be affectionate and playful? If you answered yes to these questions, Sukamto Sia suggests that a dog may be the right pet for you. Dogs form close bonds with their owners, but especially during their first few months someone should be home working to train and housebreak the dog and to spend time with it.
    Do you live in a small apartment? Do you want an animal that is easy to care for? If this is the case, Sukamto Sia recommends pets like hamsters, lizards, and fish. Small animals like these are suited to apartment living – they don’t need space to roam and they don’t make much of a mess. Pets like these are often a good first animal for a child to learn to care for, as well.
    Are you looking for a pet that is independent but still enjoys playing? Cats, Sukamto Sia’s favorite animal, fall into this category. Cats will often play quite happily with their owners, but they don’t need someone home at all times and will happily sleep most of the day away. Cats are also very easy to house train. Be careful of their claws if you have small children. If you choose a cat and plan to keep it in the house, Sukamto Sia says you might choose to have it declawed.
    Do you want a pet that is exotic or unusual? If that is the case and you aren’t squeamish, a snake might be a good choice for your family. Some people can’t get over the fact that some snakes need to be fed mice, but Sukamto Sia says that if you can get past that, snakes can in fact be excellent companions to their owners.

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