Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Best Hiking Near New York City – A Guide from Sukamto Sia

Sukamto Sia loves to be outdoors with his family. One of his favorite weekend activities is to go hiking with his wife and three children. Of course, it’s not always easy to find a good hiking location when you live in Manhattan, but Sukamto Sia has sought them out.

If you want to stay within the formal confines of New York City, Staten Island’s Greenbelt can be an ideal place to go hiking, says Sukamto Sia. The portion of the Greenbelt that runs through High Rock Park contains numerous trails and winds down toward a location known as Moses Mountain. The long looping path up Moses Mountain leads to an enjoyable view and a pleasant overlook for picnicking.

Willing to go a little further for your hike? If so, Sukamto Sia recommends the Breakneck Ridge Trail that runs along near the river in Hudson State Park. The trail offers great views and a longer hiking distance than High Rock Park generally affords.

If you are looking for a full weekend adventure complete with camping, then the Bear Mountain Loop might be for you. This path is challenging, particularly for children, advises Sukamto Sia, so take it cautiously and be prepared to turn around. This route is best for more experienced hikers.

Out in the area of Lake Placid, says Sukamto Sia, you can find Mount Marcy, one of the highest points in New York. Mount Marcy features a beautiful trail that begins near Heart Lake and ends with the 21st highest point in the state. This is again a more challenging trail.

Don’t want to leave the city but you’re looking for amazing views? There is always the High Line Park, a mile course running along an old railway on the West Side. The park starts down at Gansevoort Street and runs through Chelsea and features great views of the city below. Visit at sunset and watch the way the light reflects off all the buildings, recommends Sukamto Sia.

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