Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sukamto Sia On New York City’s Best Jazz Clubs

Sukamto Sia loves music of all kinds, but jazz is certainly one of his favorites. In the evenings, Sukamto Sia enjoys visiting some of New York City’s famed jazz clubs to listen to this infectious style of music. He highlights some of his favorites below.

Birdland is one of Sukamto Sia’s favorite clubs. Sukamto Sia particularly likes to go on Tuesdays when they feature a Duke Ellington tribute band. Sundays at Birdland also feature an Afro-Cuban band, a delight less widely found.

Iridium is one of the top jazz clubs in New York and not to be missed by enthusiasts of this style. According to Sukamto Sia, Iridium features a rotating cast of the best jazz musicians in the country who come to New York especially to play this club.

Smoke is a great jazz club for folks who actually want the opportunity to play, says Sukamto Sia. This club is famous for its nightly jam sessions, each hosted by notable jazz musicians.

Swing 46 adds an exciting twist to the mainstream of jazz clubs. As their name suggests, Swing 46 is a venue for dinner and dancing. Live bands make traditional swing and jive the order of the day according to Sukamto Sia. Swing 46 also offers a Sunday evening tap dance.

Blue Note is one of the best-known jazz clubs in the world and a must see stop, says Sukamto Sia. With a rotating cast of musicians, every night is different at Blue Note, but every night is great. Make sure you get a table reservation because it’s bound to be packed.

The Fat Cat club is your laidback jazz venue. Here you can play billiards while listening to the music that goes on for hours, says Sukamto Sia. Unlike some of the other clubs, this is a dress down affair.

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