Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Caring For Your Cat: Advice from Sukamto Sia

Sukamto Sia’s family owns three Siamese cats, so it’s fair to say that they have some expertise on the subject of cat care. Cats are independent, but lovable creatures with only a few needs, which Sukamto Sia outlines here.

One of the most important aspects of cat care, says Sukamto Sia, is grooming. Cats, especially those with long hair, may develop hairballs if not groomed frequently enough. Brush your cat with specially made cat hairbrush found at your local pet store.

Another important aspect to cat care is proper feeding. Select food that best suits your cats age and breed – the packages should provide a general outline of what cats that food is appropriate for. Only give your cat water, never milk, says Sukamto Sia. Contrary to popular mythology, milk is actually very bad for your cat’s digestive system and can cause them to become extremely ill.

The number of cats you have should dictate the number of litter boxes you have. There should be at least one litter box per cat, according to Sukamto Sia. Make sure to clean the litter boxes regularly and replace the litter. Sukamto Sia recommends using a wood-based litter, rather than a clay-based one, although the clay litters are more popular in stores.

If your cat is not declawed, you will need to provide a scratching surface for your cat. Buy a simple scratching post for your cat. Taller scratching posts are better, Sukamto Sia explains, because cats enjoy climbing. If you do not provide a surface for scratching, then your cat with scratch at your floor or furniture, which is not desirable.

Play with your cat and encourage it to exercise. Cats are relatively sedentary by nature, says Sukamto Sia, so you will need to actively play with them to get them to move around. Throw small objects or shine a laser pointer for them to chase

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