Thursday, 6 June 2013

Three Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes Sukamto Sia Recommends For Your Family

Sukamto Sia enjoys cooking for his family. Because he watches a lot of cooking shows, Sukamto Sia likes to get creative and try new dishes. Sometimes, though, things are busy and it’s more important just to get some food on the table. These simple recipes are ideal for those busy nights when you want to get everyone to the table, but you don’t have much time to cook.

Balsamic Chicken Sausage and Pasta: To make this dish, explains Sukamto Sia, begin by putting some pasta on to boil, preferably a pasta like penne. Uncase the chicken sausage into a separate pan and brown it. To this pan, add spinach and wilt it over the heat.
When the pasta is nearly ready, says Sukamto Sia, add some chicken broth and balsamic vinegar to the pan with the sausage. Add salt and pepper to taste. Combine the pasta and the chicken sausage mixture in a bowl and serve.

Cordon Bleu Pinwheels: This recipe is a particular favorite of Sukamto Sia’s three children. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Pound out some chicken cutlets and then slice them into 1.5-2 inch wide slices. Layer the slices with ham or prosciutto, and swiss cheese. Roll the chicken cutlet slices up and secure with toothpicks. Sukamto Sia recommends serving this dish with rice or quinoa.

Chicken and Stuffing: This simple dish can be likened to a casserole according to Sukamto Sia. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the bottom of a pan with chicken cutlets. Over that poor a can of cream of mushroom soup. For the top layer, cover the chicken and soup with prepared stuffing. This recipe can be made a little brighter by adding fresh mushrooms to the soup, says Sukamto Sia. Serve it with salad on the side.

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