Saturday, 8 June 2013

Why Sukamto Sia Is Proud To Be a UC Berkeley Alum

Sukamto Sia graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1995. Ever since his graduation, Sukamto Sia has returned to see friends graduate and to attend reunions. Sukamto Sia is an active member of the UC Berkeley Alumni Association and is proud to be a UC Berkeley alum because:

UC Berkeley alums include such influential people as authors Beverly Cleary and Joan Didion, computer scientist Steve Wozniak, Buddhist nun Pema Chodron, and Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin.

The Campaign for Berkeley encourages everyone to be better. The Campaign for Berkeley, Sukamto Sia explains, uses the tag line “Thanks to Berkeley…” to demonstrate all the ways Berkeley students grow during their time at the school. Sukamto Sia, along with a large body of Berkeley alums, donate to the Campaign for Berkeley to encourage the progressive politics the school has devoted itself to.

The UC Berkeley alumni association sponsors a lecture series that keeps Sukamto Sia and other Berkeley alums like him in touch with the ongoing exciting work of Berkeley’s faculty.

UC Berkeley honors those who make a difference. The annual Charter Gala, explains Sukamto Sia, recognizes specifically the work of alumni in the state of California, honoring an alumnus of the year, awards for excellence in service, and recognizing the good works of specific alumni association chapters.

UC Berkeley encourages its alumni and current students to work together. Externships take students out of the classroom and into the working world, shadowing Berkeley alums, Sukamto Sia says.

UC Berkeley helped make Sukamto Sia the successful professional he is today. It was at Berkeley that Sukamto Sia developed his interest in architecture. Professors at Berkeley encouraged Sukamto Sia to pursue his passion further, leading him on to graduate school and ultimately excellence in the industry. At the same time, UC Berkeley encouraged Sukamto Sia to be a whole person, nurturing his interest in history and science as well.

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