Monday, 10 June 2013

Traveling With Children: Some Tips from Sukamto Sia

Sukamto Sia’s family enjoys an annual vacation to Florida where they visit the Disneyworld resort and other theme parks. Though Sukamto Sia’s children are older now, when they were younger traveling was much more difficult. Sukamto Sia and his wife developed some tricks for making traveling with children easier.

If you are flying with children, as Sukamto Sia and his wife often did, make sure to pack plenty of snacks. Give you child something to chew or suck on during take-offs and landings, says Sukamto Sia, to prevent their ears from popping painfully when the pressure changes. With babies you can offer a bottle or pacifier during this part of the trip.

In the same vein, if you are flying with children you should prepare them for the security at the airports, says Sukamto Sia. Role-play the process of taking off shoes and jackets, and explain how bags go through the x-ray machine and come out the other side. Preparing children for this part of the travel process can help relieve some confusion.

When you visit theme parks, rent a stroller even if you think your child is too old for it, Sukamto Sia recommends. The parks will probably involve more walking than your child is used to and they may need a break. Even if your child doesn’t use the stroller, you can use it to carry bags and sweaters and anything else you might be carrying.

Keep your itinerary loose when traveling with kids, Sukamto Sia says. Some days everyone will just be too tired to finish all the things on the schedule. If you pack in some extra time, you can hit any amusements you missed during those hours. Make sure there is some time to unwind back at the hotel in the afternoons as well. Dragging your kids around when they are overtired will just make everyone miserable, explains Sukamto Sia.

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