Thursday, 27 June 2013

Singapore's Economy is Booming says Sukamto Sia

Many of the world's largest cities are also global economic hubs for their countries and the rest of the world. The most prominent that come to mind are London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul. But there are a lot of other cities that are quickly becoming economic superpowers on their own. That or they have long been influential economic cities in their own right, they just didn't get the attention other large economic centers enjoy.

One of those powerful economic cities has long been Singapore. Located in an excellent spot in southeast Asia for air and sea transportation, the city and its government for decades have been creating policies that improve the economic status of their capital. For Sukamto Sia, Singapore became his home city even though he was born in Indonesia. He became a naturalized Singaporean not long after realizing the opportunities in the great city of Singapore.

In recent years, much of the economic news that Sukamto Sia has been reading concerns downturns in the global economy. Many of the traditional hubs of global economic power and their home countries are struggling with debt and other problems brought about by the global recession. Sukamto Sia is pleased to see that Singapore has weathered that storm and has a booming economy.

Sukamto Sia

For quite a few of the last few years, Singapore has had the highest rate of economic growth in all of Asia. This is impressive considering the growth that super economies like China and India used to have. In recent years it has had growth between 5-10% and this is definitely a good sign for Sukamto Sia as he has many business ventures in the city.

With continued governance in favor of economic development and involvement of international businesses, Sukamto Sia doesn't think that Singapore's economy will slow down. He's happy to live in such a booming city!

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