Monday, 22 July 2013

Singapore Doing Well Economically, Says Sukamto Sia

As much of the world is still recovering from the economic recession from a few years ago, Sukarman Sukamto’s home of Singapore has been doing very well. Traditionally, Singapore has always had a very successful economy thanks to tight controls and a well-run government that balances public needs with private and global business.

Sukarman Sukamto himself is a prominent Singaporean business tycoon who is involved in many businesses in the country and abroad. Sukamto Sia has been working in business for decades and his success reflects the great deal of respect his colleagues have for him and the expertise he brings to the business table.

His expertise involves a strong knowledge of the economy in Singapore, which is a big attraction for businesses all over the world. Despite the global slowdown affecting many economies very negatively, Singapore has been able to continue GDP growth in the low percentages year after year. Their banks do not need to do much stimulus or tweaking of the economy as many other national banks are doing in the US, Japan, South Korea, and other developed economies.

Sukamto Sia is happy that Singapore has been able to weather the economic downturn in a very positive way. Sure things slowed down, but the economy in general has been very strong at holding back the worst of a very serious recession.

This means that businessmen like Sukarman Sukamto have been able to keep up what they do best without fear of a total collapse in the economy. This in turn means that consumer confidence in Singapore is high and that the economy will ultimately be healthier in the future.

Sukamto Sia believes the most striking indicator of how strong the Singaporean economy is the unemployment rate. Believe it or not but the unemployment rate in his country is actually the lowest it has been in five years!

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