Monday, 5 August 2013

Sukamto Sia: Love and Respect

Sukamto Sia takes a great deal of pride in what he does for a living. He owns a successful company in his home town of Singapore and loves what he does for a living. However, what he takes pride in even more is the love and respect that he has for his friends, family, and coworkers. Sukarman Sukamto is a respected figure because of the work that he has been able to accomplish, but he is also greatly respected because of how he treats those he works with.

Sukamto Sia makes great efforts to show how much he cares about those who he works with. He is a very appreciative boss. His employees know this, as they often receive unexpected benefits for doing their jobs well. At least twice a year, Sukarman Sukamto throws parties for his employees, in celebration of the hard work that they all do. Additionally, his employees receive raises and bonuses whenever appropriate. Sukarman Sukamto believes that this is good for morale, but he also believes that his employees deserve these rewards. The respect that he shows to his employees comes from the heart. His genuine respect also has the added benefit of improving the success of Sukamto Sia’s business.

Sukarman Sukamto also shows his love and appreciation of his friends and family. He treats his loved ones extremely well by showing them how much he cares for them. Sukamto Sia is a very open person in this regard, and there is no mistaking when someone has earned his favor. As a boss, but also as a loved one, Sukarman Sukamto is extremely generous. He makes sure that he remembers ever birthday, anniversary, and any other special day. He often gives heartfelt and personal gifts to those he loves, even when it is just a normal day.

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