Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sukarman Sukamto: Success in Business

In the area of Singapore, Sukarman Sukamto is known as a successful force for business. He is the owner of his own company, which he built from the ground up. His company has seen much success throughout the years, which he has achieved by following some simple tips. Here, Sukamto Sia shares those tips with you:

Put a Plan Together. Before going out and leasing an office or location for your business, Sukamto Sia suggests that you put together a plan for success. Begin by planning what your company is going to do, and how it is going to do it.

Study Your Competitors. A good way to come up with a plan of your own is to study what your competition is doing and, if possible, what they have done in the past. Sukarman Sukamto advises that you study what your competitors have done in order to succeed, of course, but also to learn what mistakes they have made. This will give you great insight into what to do, and also into what pitfalls to avoid.

Structure Your Company. Make sure to structure your company in the best way possible by hiring the best people for the required positions. It’s okay – in fact, it’s expected – to start small. It is vitally important that you ensure that you choose the right people for the job. Sukamto Sia believes that to do otherwise would prove disastrous.

Create Creative Marketing Campaign. Once you have found a location and structured your company, Sukarman Sukamto suggests putting together a creative and interesting marketing campaign. People will not know about your new company initially, so it is important to create a campaign that will get people talking about your product or services.
Sukamto Sia has used these tips successfully in the past, and wishes you the best of luck with your company.

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