Friday, 16 August 2013

Sukamto Sia on Traveling for Business

Early on, Sukamto Sia leaned how important it is to do business not only locally, but globally as well. After graduating from college and graduate school, Sukarman Sukamto quickly learned that the most successful businesses tend to do business on a global scale, working with companies across the sea. When he learned how important this was Sukamto Sia began requesting to travel as much as possible. 

Sukarman Sukamto made it his goal to travel because he wanted to learn about as many different parts of the world as possible. He believed that in doing so, he would be preparing himself for the future of his own business. Sukamto Sia was interested early on in founding his own company, and so when he realized how quickly he could expand his own company by working on a global scale, he began studying which countries were the most beneficial to do business with.

Sukamto Sia
He would research those countries with great interest, but Sukamto Sia would not stop there. He began studying not only why an individual country was successful, but also which countries they worked with. Sukarman Sukamto began to understand the web of business that the cooperative countries were creating. He would make sure to learn about their business practices, their culture, and their biggest industries. Sukamto Sia believed that by learning about these things, he would become a much more effective and successful businessman.

He took this knowledge and expertise with him when he founded his own company in Singapore. Though he understood the importance of the global market, Sukarman Sukamto never forgot that it is also important to work within your own country. This ensures the success of his home country, and the company he has worked so hard to forge. He is grateful that he learned the importance of working globally.

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