Monday, 19 August 2013

Sukamto Sia: Graduating Business School

Sukamto Sia knew early on that he wanted to be a success in the business world. This was partially because he wanted to walk in his father’s footsteps, but he also believed that business was in his blood. Since he was a small child, he would always try to run his own “business.” He would get a newspaper route, or sell refreshments in his neighborhood. He would even mow lawns! 

At such a young age, Sukarman Sukamto was not as interested in making money as he was in learning about business. His father would tell him how he should approach things, what he was doing right, and what he still needed to work on. As Sukamto Sia entered high school, he quit delivering newspapers and began to focus on getting the best grades possible. These grades eventually got him into the university of his choice, where he began working on getting his business degree.
Sukamto Sia,
Sukarman Sukamto worked had to make sure that he did well in college, knowing that his education there was only the beginning. He studied hard, and did not let anything distract him. Sukamto Sia even met his future bride while at college, but continued to work hard to accomplish his goals. Sukarman Sukamto would take extensive notes while in class, and then take his notes home so that he could memorize all of the details. 

Sukamto Sia enjoyed the learning process a great deal, and was impressed by how much he was accomplishing. Sukarman Sukamto’s professors began to take notice of his efforts, and were always impressed by his performance. Eventually, Sukarman Sukamto used his success at the university to get into graduate school. There, he continued to work hard in his studies and took on a few internships as well. He worked even harder while in graduate school, making sure that he would be prepared for working in the business world, just like his father.

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