Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sukarman Sukamto: Ethics in Business

Sukarman Sukamto is a very successful businessman in Singapore who owns his own company. He did not achieve all of his success overnight. Hard work and dedication over a period of many years gave Sukamto Sia the skill required to found his own business. Beyond education and experience, however, Sukarman Sukamto learned that to be truly successful in business means to be ethical in all of one’s dealings. With that, Sukamto Sia believes in following these guidelines:

Ethics Begin with the Boss. Sukarman Sukamto is a firm believer that in order to have an ethical business, its owners must be ethical in everything they do. Bosses act as an example for their employees, who will then ensure that they behave ethically as well. 

Sukamto Sia
Work with Ethical Companies. Often, there is quite of bit of interplay between your company and other companies. If you wish to keep your hands clean while running your company, it is important to do business with other companies who are just as ethical. Sukamto Sia believes it is vital that you research the companies you work with before any deals are struck.

Ensure Your Employees Understand Ethics. Just because someone is qualified to work with your company, it does not necessarily mean they understand ethical behavior. Sukarman Sukamto advises that you make sure to communicate with your staff, in the clearest way possible, how you expect them to behave as your employees.

Walk the Ethical Walk. Sukamto Sia believes it is important to inform your employees how you expect them to act, but it is possibly even more important to show them with your actions what it is to be ethical. Show them what it means to be ethical, and display what you want to see from your employees.

Sukarman Sukamto hopes you find these tips useful in running your business ethically.

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