Monday, 26 August 2013

Sukamto Sia: World Culture Knowledge

Very early on, Sukamto Sia learned about the importance of understanding the various cultures of the world. As a businessman who is the founder of his company in Singapore, Sukarman Sukamto learned that understanding other cultures is not only good for your mind, but for your business as well.

It all began when Sukamto Sia was in college. He began learning about the global market and how businesses from all around the world worked together for mutual success. Even though Sukarman Sukamto studied a great deal and earned impressive grades, he did not truly realize the importance of the global market until he began his graduate school internships. It was while working for a company in Singapore that Sukamto Sia saw how many different companies, from all around the world, could work together for the collective good. 

Sukamto Sia
Sukarman Sukamto began to study the various cultures of the world at this point. He would use whatever resources he had available in order to understand the new cultures that he would be working with. Sukamto Sia felt this was important because business deals are difficult enough to complete within one’s own culture. There are many things that can cause a potential business deal to go sour. The money isn’t right, the companies may not trust each other, or the companies may simply not understand how best to work with one another.

Sukarman Sukamto quickly learned that these issues had the potential to be compounded by a lack of cultural understanding. Failure to understand other cultures makes it far more difficult to communicate effectively. With that in mind, Sukamto Sia began learning about each culture, understanding how they lived in their personal lives, and how they did business in their professional lives. He would even go so far as to learn new languages, fearing that an interpreter would not accurately express his perspective.

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