Friday, 12 July 2013

Sukamto Sia is a Global Traveler

There are a lot of activities that people can engage in to expand their perspective of other people and the rest of the world. One of the best ways to expand your mind and understanding of the world is to travel. Traveling as much as you can throughout your life has a lot of benefits psychologically and emotionally.

Sukarman Sukamto lives in a very diverse place. He lives in Singapore, which is home to millions of people of many different ethnicities. So for his professional life, Sukarman Sukamto was able to get in touch with a variety of cultures. This sparked in him a desire to see more of the world and the people that make up the diverse cultures he had never come in contact with.

Luckily for Sukamto Sia, he became a very successful business tycoon in his career. This means he has been able to travel a great deal throughout his career. Sukarman Sukamto has been to dozens of countries around the world and is very appreciative of the opportunity to see every country he has been able to visit. He loves meeting new people who have lived entirely different lives than he has. The perspectives they bring to life and to problems facing other people are very beneficial to hear and to listen to.

Sukamto Sia believes that hearing other perspectives from other cultures around the world helps to expand your own mind and make you a better thinker and communicator. Without the ability to travel, a person has a very hard time developing those skills since their own culture has so much control over the way they think and the way they view the world.

Whenever Sukarman Sukamto decides to retire, he believes he will spend his free time traveling and exploring all of the countries he never got a chance to visit during his business travels.

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